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What is a doorset?

There is some confusion about the terms doorset, door assembly and door leaf. BS 8214:2008: The Code of Practice for Fire Door Assemblies provides the following definitions.

Doorset: A door frame with its door leaf or leaves pre-hung on hinges or pivots, supplied as a single unit from a single source. (Note: Doorsets can be pre-machined for ironmongery from the same source)

Door Assembly: A complete assembly as installed, including door frame and one or more leaves, together with its essential building hardware supplied from separate sources.

Door: A building component for closing an opening in a wall that allows access and might or might not admit light when closed (Note: The word door is used as a generic term for door leaves, door frames, doorsets, door assemblies and door kits).

What is a 'fire door'?

A fire door is a door with a fire-resistance rating used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure or building.

How are fire doors rated?

Fire doors and doorsets are rated in minutes and prefixed by the letters FD.

‘FD’ denotes the amount of time the fire door will resist fire for. ie FD30 will resist fire upto 30 minutes. In the UK the most common fire doors are 30 minutes (FD30) or 60 minutes (FD60).

How are fire doors tested?

The building regulation relates to the entire door installation, and not just the door alone. Because of this, fire doors are not tested as individual leaves, but as a complete installation, along with frame, locks, latches and other essential ironmongery.

What seals and strips do I need for my fire door?

Each fire door will stipulate the type and density of door frame, the correct intumescent strips and ironmongery (handles, hinges etc.) that should be used. Without following these recommendations, there is no guarantee that your fire rating is correct.

How quickly can you produce a bespoke door?

Our shortest lead times on bespoke doors is 6 weeks – you will be advised by our technical team to give you a more accurate lead time once you have designed your door. Please bear in mind that in certain unforeseeable circumstances minor delays may occur, this includes but is not limited to adverse weather conditions, accidents, breakdowns and similar occurrences. In such circumstances we treat all affected orders as top priority and aim to deliver the goods as soon as it is physically possible.